Lower East Side

Close your eyes and imagine New York City. The hustle and bustle, all the shops, street activities, sounds, cultures, and the like. That image that comes to mind is exactly what you’ll find in the Manhattan neighborhood of the Lower East Side.

Once a hub for European immigrants and Jewish communities, the Lower East Side is about as New York as it gets. Its funky shops, eclectic residents, fantastic dining, thrilling nightlife, and residential options have crafted the Lower East Side into one of the most amazing experiences one can have when living in Manhattan, NYC.

Bordered by the East Village, Little Italy, Chinatown, and others, the neighborhood sprawl offers a unique experience as you explore its walkways, outdoor areas, scenic hot spots, and trendy pop ups.

Living in the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is what one comes to expect when they dream of living in the Big Apple. It’s a neighborhood that’s busy but rich in aesthetics, opportunity, and cultures. It’s slow-paced in areas but also high-speed and competitive in others. It’s like it’s own little world.

The community is eclectic and diverse.

Older residents mesh with newer arrivals, blending cultures and experiences. The neighborhood has seen its share of gentrification, much like the rest of the city, and so with it came newer buildings, shops, bars, and experiences along with the newer crowd. Still, the older generation’s touch and the neighborhood’s history remain.

The Lower East Side is perfect for its boutiques, cafes, restaurants, shopping, clubs, pubs, bars, live music, sports areas, and more.

The location is dense, mostly occupied by working-class individuals and families. It’s a spot for young professionals and creative types, too, mainly attracting 20 and 30-somethings.

Moving to the Lower East Side

You’ll fall in love with the Lower East Side the moment you set foot within its boundaries. From its unique flavor and cultures to its mix of younger and older occupants, LES in Manhattan offers an incredible opportunity for all who call it their home and stomping ground.

There are hundreds of shops, grocery markets, restaurants, nightlife options, and quality of life features. This, of course, reflects with the cost of living as it’s quite a thrilling place for youthful individuals.

The cost of living is reflected in the location’s demand. One can expect to pay close to $2500 for a studio/1BR and upwards of $7000+ for 4BR options.

LES has a fantastic walkability score and offers easy access to the city through public transit, walking, or if going by car/taxi. You’re always a few minutes from NYC’s bustling activities and events!