More than a dozen neighborhoods make up the culture and lifeblood of Manhattan in New York City.

Each nook and cranny of this borough features a wholly unique way and quality of life than the others. It’s a city that has something for everyone. No two experiences are the same when you live in The Big Apple, nor should it be when you’re center of it all.

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Discover Manhattan’s Neighborhoods

There are many, amazing neighborhoods in Manhattan, and each of them offers a unique way of living and lifestyle differently than what it’s like even just a few blocks away!

Deciding which neighborhood to live in can be a tough decision but we’ll do our best to give you great guidance to find the right one.

A street in Manhattan

From living alongside art installations to being paired with financial giants, the contrast in New York City is staggering. We welcome you to explore the many Manhattan neighborhoods:

Battery Park CityBoweryChelsea
ChinatownEast HarlemEast Village
Financial DistrictGramercyGreenwich Village
HarlemHell’s KitchenLittle Italy
Lower East SideMorningside HeightsMurray Hill
TribecaUnion SquareUpper East Side
Upper West SideWashington HeightsWest Village

Perhaps it’s living in a penthouse suite on the top floor of skyrises fit your fancy. Or, maybe it’s an ultra-modern and minimal place so your time is spent exploring the city. Whatever you’re looking for, we made sure to offer an ample selection here on our site!

You’ll Love Living in The Big Apple

Why do so many call Manhattan, NYC their home? Well, it’s something different to everybody but there is a lot to this place that attracts such a broad mix of people from all over the world.

From its incredible melting pot of cultures to one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find anywhere else – Manhattan truly is the center of everything.

  • Experience one of the richest melting posts in all the world
  • Discover incredible neighborhoods, each different than the next
  • Explore a city that never sleeps, always with something to do
  • Chow your way through lively street food to top-rated restaurants
  • Catch shows, see performers, mingle with celebrities, and more
  • A job market that’s always adapting, with plenty of opportunity

That dream you’ve always had about moving to the big city? This is your chance! Manhattan truly is everything you imagined and more.

Manhattan, New York City Highlights

Looking to explore Manhattan and really get to know this wonderful borough? Looking for the great places to eat, things to do, people to meet, and experiences to be had?

Have a gander at our Manhattan-centric blog where we have tons of great features and guides for the area!