Battery Park City

The Manhattan neighborhood of Battery Park City is located on the lower side of the city, nestled between the West Side Highway and the Hudson River. This 92-acre area of reclaimed land, once home to shipping and cargo, has a lush showcase of waterfront and outdoor spaces to explore.

Battery Park City saw its renaissance in the 1970’s and has continued developing year-over-year.

The neighborhood is one ideal for those seeking an escape from the high-pace lifestyle of the big city. It’s an area without a lot of excitement compare to most other neighborhoods, yet it has its own charm that makes it a desirable location for those who want to take it slow.

The draw of Battery Park City is its scenic beauty, outdoor spaces, and access to the bay. It’s a place to be one with nature and alone with one’s thoughts. It’s a place to take a stroll in peace or spend a quiet afternoon with your family. It’s a place to call home.

The Neighborhood of Battery Park City, Manhattan

Battery Park City, NYC offers a cross-over between an easy-going lifestyle and luxury living. Being one of the newer neighborhoods to the city, BPC is still finding its identity and characteristics in a lot of ways. It attracts people from all walks of life for its public parks, waterways, sports, fishing, and more.

Battery Park City has a population of just over 9,200 residents.

The neighborhood is far removed from the busy activity of city life but is still accessible if you’re willing to make the trek. The closest subway is a good 5 to 10-minute walk. Expect to be on the move, often, if living in the area else frequent rides or driving is something done daily.

The neighborhood has its set of restaurants, event centers, activities, and the like. Yet, you won’t find much as far as the nightlife goes. This limited selection goes either way for those choosing to live in the area – good in the sense that you get to know your neighbor / bad in the sense of limited options. Take it as you will when living in Battery Park City.

In all, Battery Park City is a NYC neighborhood offering something wholly different from all others in the big city. It’s a place where everyone takes things slow because there isn’t much need to always be on the go. It’s a place where you can get to know people because there isn’t the big city squeeze.

Swing on through and have a look to see if BPC has what you seek. No doubt, you’ll love the area if you want a touch of the big city but yearn for privacy. BPC is a modern, luxurious place to call home.