The Manhattan neighborhood of Bowery is the city’s oldest thoroughfare and has seen its image transform time and time again since the early 20th century. Situated between East Village to the north, the Lower East Side to the east, Chinatown to the south, and Little Italy & NoHo to its west, Bowery was once among the city’s harshest experiences spurred by urban decay and endless slums. And yet, Bowery managed to create a unique culture of its own wholly different from the neighborhoods surrounding it.

Today, The Bowery is home to New York City’s most eclectic crowd.

Bowery saw early growth as the working-class Irish folk settled into the neighborhood. Soon after, Jewish and Italian communities formed and set in motion a century of development, heavily spurred by commerce and cheap properties. By the 1990s, Bowery saw itself becoming gentrified as residents began spilling over from Chinatown and other areas of the city.

Bowery offers a quintessential indie feel for those looking to settle into its area.

The Neighborhood of Bowery, Manhattan

The Bowery is a neighborhood shaped through its long history of affordable housing (i.e. slums) and raunchy lifestyles. Bowery was the place you’d turn away from in the early 1900’s because it was a neighborhood fraught with debauchery.  

Brothels, saloons, and other rough establishments once lined the streets of Bowery.

By the 1950’s, Bowery became a hot-spot for hip individuals moving to the big city. It attracted writers, musicians, performance artists, revolutionaries, and so many others because it offered an edge not found in other NYC boroughs.

The Bowery of today is a thrilling neighborhood to call home.

Since the 90s, the neighborhood has seen its share of newer buildings reach the sky. It’s a location that’s brimming with culture with many electric shops, a vibrant nightlife, fun events, and amazing boutiques.

Bowery is a neighborhood that attracts young professionals and creative types.

Residents that call The Bowery home are always moments away from happening events. It’s a location offering easy access to the city, with great walkability and great access to transportation. This electric neighborhood is the perfect place to call home if you’re seeking a fun mix of everything. From its shops and events to a creative culture that’s unique to the city, Bowery offers an edgy big city experience for everyone that has an edge of their own.

In all, Bowery is an ideal location for those seeking affordable housing and access to a vibrant city life. It’s a place that puts you central to all the great things happening in NYC. It’s a neighborhood with a gritty past and a bright future. Will you be one to call it home?