The neighborhood of Chinatown is one of New York’s finest examples of culturally rich destinations and communities.

The neighborhood has its history rooted back into the 19th century as Chinese immigrants came to the city. Chinatown is like its own little world within the big city – a true jewel of NYC.

Chinatown is located on the lower side of Manhattan. It neighbors the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Civic Center, and Tribeca. It’s home to nearly 100,000 residents and continues seeing growth year over year.

The neighborhood is a hot spot for Chinese food, activities, and culture. No other place in the United States boasts the neighborhood and community as you’ll find in NYC’s Chinatown. It’s a neighborhood with a deep history and unique feel that’s at-home but also far-removed from everything else.

The neighborhood of Chinatown formed in the 1870s with just a few hundred Chinese individuals. Before long, the population swelled to many thousands. It was a home for many providing cheap labor in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, this created a diverse culture that’s still seen today.

Living in Chinatown

Chinatown is a tightly packed, sprawling destination and place to call home. It’s a neighborhood that has seen some degrees of gentrification, but its soul is intact. It’s a neighborhood with eclectic markets, fantastical eateries, cultural events, and dazzling experiences.

Homes and apartments in Chinatown are often far more affordable than most other areas in NYC.

Those who love Asian food will have their mind blown by the nearly limitless options they’ll find in restaurants and on the streets. The neighborhood has unique goods found nowhere else. It’s a neighborhood you must visit and explore when living in New York City.

Living in Chinatown offers easy access to transportation and plenty of things to do. It’s affordable, exciting, and teeming with opportunity.

Chinatown features the largest concentration of Chinese people living in the western United States. It’s a neighborhood with a complex history that resonates and drives the culture to this day. Chinatown is a welcoming destination and place to call home, living here presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be absorbed with what makes New York City great.