East Harlem

The Manhattan neighborhood of East Harlem, or the ‘Spanish Harlem’, has a unique soul and Puerto Rican and Latin American flavor.

Located in Upper Manhattan from East 96th St to East 138th St to Fifth Ave and the East River, the neighborhood has become the center of attention in recent years for its affordable housing, vibrant community, and easy-going access to the big city.

East Harlem is a neighborhood brimming with ethnic cuisine, boutiques, and events influenced by its rich history. As a community that has seen shifts from Italian to Hispanic to a now Chinese influence – its 110,000+ residents that call it home experience the big city in ways vastly different than the rest.

East Harlem has a long history of urban renewal projects. This constant change and many decades of rise & decline has hardened the community, and from the concrete sprung a diverse neighborhood. Today, those moving to the area get to experience the very soul of New York City.

Living in East Harlem

There’s something for everyone in East Harlem, though there’s even more for those a part of the Hispanic community. With its diverse cultures and heritage, it continues seeing its identity change as it feels the effects of gentrification – yet its soul remains.

The neighborhood is home to incredible eateries, activities, outings, nightlife, and more.

East Harlem features one of New York City’s highest concentrations of public housing. As such, properties in the area are very affordable compared to other neighborhoods throughout the city.

E. Harlem has its fair share of museums, art centers, public spaces, night clubs, music venues, and so much more. The cultural influence of its Latin, Caribbean, and African American residents runs deep in its music, cuisine, commerce, and activities.

East Harlem has a tough history but those moments in time have defined what it has become today. If you’re seeking a unique lifestyle that’s affordable and has a Hispanic flair, then look no further than calling the neighborhood your home.

Swing on through during your next outing or start hunting for your next home or apartment today!