East Village

The Manhattan neighborhood of The East Village is located along 8th St, 3rd Ave, and Avenue A. Saint Marks Place is central to its location and identity with the neighborhood brimming with a deep history of counterculture and eclectic lifestyles. It’s a spot that’s defining of the New York City/big city affair, and a popular romping ground for 30-somethings, students, and hip crowds.

East Village, Manhattan neighbors’ other popular areas such as Bowery, Third Avenue, NoHo, and as one can expect – the Lower East Side.

The neighborhood saw its size and popularity boom during waves of immigrants, mostly German, descending upon its streets in the early 1900s. By the 1960s, it saw itself gain a new identity through the influx of artists, musicians, students, and the odd fellow types. By the 2000s, gentrification had set in and the identity changed yet again.

Some 65,000 individuals call The East Village their home – perhaps you soon will too!

Living in The East Village

The East Village is rich in art, music, cuisine, events, bars, entertainment, and so much more. It’s a neighborhood that has always held a hip image. Its community is historically fringe and eclectic, bringing culture, new ideas, and exciting opportunities to everyone passing through.

The prices of living spaces have seen quite an increase in recent years as demand went up.

However, East Village is relatively affordable compared to many other areas and neighborhoods throughout Manhattan. Perhaps it’s the wild image it tends to hold or its limited transportation options that keep costs relatively stable and affordable in the area. Or maybe not.

Single-family homes are hard to come by because residency is on the up and up. Yet, the price for homes in the area is often below the Manhattan median meaning if you can find a deal then go after it with vigor because it’s sure to get bought up!

In the rental department, most in the East Village are renters – paying around $3,500-ish per month for their living space. The neighborhood features ultra-small living quarters to larger, historic homes. The vibrant neighborhood will continue seeing a younger crowd flock to the area, so expect to see an ever-changing face and sub-culture to the neighborhood if you decide to call it home.

The East Village offers a thrilling opportunity to be wired into all the great things happening in the big city and the culture at large. It’s a neighborhood and community that thrives on creativity. From its mind-blowing eateries and exciting local events to evolving spaces and access to all the wonders of NYC, make sure to include East Village in your dream bucket list for places to visit/live in the Big Apple!