Financial District

The Manhattan neighborhood of the Financial District is the center of all things finances in New York City and in some ways the whole world!

FiDi is located along the East River to West Street, from Frankfort Street to State Street. Chinatown, Tribeca, Battery Park City, and the Lower East Side are nearby, though its primary draw is the high-rises, commerce parks, and views of the waterways.

Roughly 61,000 residents call the Financial District their home.

The Financial District is said to be the heart and soul of New York City. The neighborhood defined what the City of New York would become dating all the way back to the 1600s. By way of the stock exchange and federal bank, this neighborhood saw major booms in population as the city grew. Today, FiDi is still rapidly growing with a diverse community and culture, unlike anything you’ll see in the city.

Living in the Financial District

Living in the Financial District is living a life of luxury, surrounded by some of the most iconic sky-rises and buildings in New York City. The neighborhood’s identity is built around commerce, and so it reflects in the lifestyles and individuals it attracts. From its stunning architecture and fine dining to high-end shops and lavish experience, FiDi is the place to be if you’re looking for elegance and excellence.

The food, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping experiences in FiDi are phenomenal. It’s a neighborhood that attracts the finest establishments because, as one expects, there’s a lot of money going around! On that note – working and living here takes a certain finesse and high drive for competition and challenging roles.

The cost of living in the Financial District is near 4-times the average compared to the rest of the city. Goods and services in the neighborhood are also far above average for NYC’s standards. However, those with the capital will find a quality of living in FiDi that’s out of this world.

Call FiDi Your Home

Are you considering living in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City? Want to stop through on a visit or thinking about investing in the community?

No doubt, you’ll find steep competition for just about everything you desire in FiDi – but with that competitiveness comes excellence, through its lavish offerings, unforgettable sights, top-rated dining, and desirable activities.