The Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem is about as iconic as it gets. It’s a neighborhood that has seen its ups and downs, boom and bust. Harlem is distinct, having a unique flavor unlike any other neighborhood in New York City. It’s a neighborhood rich in history, with a bright future.

There are distinct identities to Harlem.

The inner districts within the neighborhood feature their own unique ways of life and cultural experiences. The neighborhood’s influence stretches across Harlem’s boundaries, throughout the city and leaving its own unique mark on the world.

Harlem has always been an epicenter of jazz, civil rights, and culture.

Hard economic times are what shaped the Harlem that we know today. The Depression hit the neighborhood and didn’t let up until the 1980s, and even then, it saw tough economic prosperity. This struggle is what gives the neighborhood such a unique culture – one that’s authentic to its core, with a soul that’s as iconic as Manhattan itself.

Living in Harlem

Living in Harlem is all about finding a balance between creative outlets and exciting events with tradition, activism, and a deep connection to one’s family. It’s a neighborhood that births artists and melds them into those who’s words resonate with one’s soul.

Harlem is the destination for soulful comfort food. It’s a place to drop in and listen to local Jazz artists or take in the sights when exploring its art scene. It’s a neighborhood with charming avenues, vibrant outdoor areas, welcoming venues, flashy street vendors, and music reverberating through its streets.

From totally unique shopping experiences to a nightlife that one would be crazy to not experience, the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem is an ideal place for those looking for the best of NYC.

It’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city, with median household incomes typically reaching just shy of $37,000. Some 230,000+ individuals call Harlem their home – will you?

Moving to Harlem

From catching a show at the Apollo Theater to exploring Northern Central Park. Stopping by for a bite to eat at Sylvia’s or spending an afternoon in the Studio Museum of Harlem. The neighborhood offers quite a lot to do and experience without the all-too-common NYC upcharge.

The cost of living in Harlem is below average for New York.

Keep in mind your expenses such as transportation, food, and entertainment. Rental prices are rather low compared to other neighborhoods so that’s certainly a plus! Home prices, too, are far below what one would expect especially when looking in the borough of Manhattan!

Ready to call Harlem your home?

Talk with a local Manhattan real estate professional to discuss your living needs and desires. Likewise, browse our directory and property listings to get an overview of the neighborhood, its way of living, and what it offers to see if it’s a good fit for you!