Hell’s Kitchen

Once a slum for poor Irish immigrants, gangs, and all-around round individuals, the NYC neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen was an area few would want to set foot in. Today, the neighborhood is a hot spot for the LGBTQ+ community, small shops, indie businesses, and creative types.

The neighborhood is home to some 45,000+ individuals.

Hell’s Kitchen is located on the East side of Manhattan. It’s bound by the Hudson River to the west and Eighth Avenue to the east. To the north, you have 59th St. and to the south, you’ll come to a stop at 34th St.

Hell’s Kitchen neighbors Chelsea, the Upper West Side, Garment District, and other exciting locations. The neighborhood, despite its rough yet iconic past, is now alive with a welcoming, diverse community that’s creating a whole new image for the bustling neighborhood.

Living in Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen offers an exciting, broad selection of things to do, places to eat, experiences to be had, and people to meet. It’s an epicenter of creative culture with a deep history that resonates through its very foundations.

The neighborhood is electrifying with its street vendors, bars, outdoor activities, local events, and scenic beauties. Its LGBTQ+ scene has transformed the neighborhood’s reputation and brought a dazzling array of bars, eclectic shops, impressive markets, and a vivid aesthetic.

There’s no shortage of gastro delights in Hell’s Kitchen. Some 100+ restaurants, eateries, pubs, bars, and vendors line the streets, offering an impressive selection of food from all over.

Come for the fantastic street experiences and stay for its ever-evolving community. Hell’s Kitchen is hardly the hellish place it once was!

Moving to Hell’s Kitchen

Are you considering moving to Hell’s Kitchen?

The community is welcoming and its location and proximity make it the perfect place to settle down and raise a family. Most buildings are 4-5 story walk-ups, leaning more toward the 3-4 bedroom options.

The cost of living in Hell’s Kitchen is fair compared to the rest of the city. It’s also great for walkability and public transit, you’re often only 15 to 30 minutes from all the happening spots around NYC.

What’s not to love about Hell’s Kitchen?

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