Little Italy

Once the neighborhood that New York City’s Italian immigrants called home, now slowly seeing its size rescind as Chinatown takes a larger presence on the city. Little Italy has historic roots in NYC and a cultural presence that resonates throughout Manhattan and is as much of an influence as it was at its height of sprawl to what it is today.

The allure of Little Italy? Well, it’s in the name.

Central to the neighborhood is Mulberry Street, a closed-off hot spot for all things Italian-American. It’s a neighborhood that has an old-world, European feel brought over and built into its very core. It’s a quiet neighborhood with a unique charm that’s like no other place you’ll find throughout the United States.

Living in Little Italy

Once sprawling some 50+ blocks, Little Italy today is pale in comparison to what it once was.

The shifting demographics and lifestyles of its residents, and the encroaching neighborhood of Chinatown, makes one wonder if Little Italy will continue being a thing in the coming decades. Until then, residents and visitors can enjoy some of the city’s finest Italian traditions, foods, activities, and culture.

The neighborhood is a bit of a hustle and bustle. The neighborhood is always vibrant with activity, especially in its markets.

Being on the lower side of Manhattan, those living in Little Italy are neighbors with Nolita, SoHo, TriBeCa, and of course, Chinatown. This proximity creates an incredible overload of the senses, with plenty to do and experience within a few blocks from its center.

Since the 1900s, Little Italy has carved a name for itself in Manhattan. Its long-time residents are holding strong to traditions and the Italian way of life. Newer residents and tourist influence has gentrified areas, but there’s still a rich lifestyle and environment that’s amazing for those who love quaint, European charm.

Moving to Little Italy

Considering living in Little Italy NYC?

The local real estate market is competitive and commands a median home rents between 2,800 to 6,300+ for studio to 3-bedroom selections. That said, what you’re paying for is an experience like none other.

The proximity to just about all the great things NYC has to offer is mind-blowing when living in Little Italy. The commute is often 10 to 15, 20 to 30 minutes by car for most popular destinations and hot spots.

Most property options are condominiums and walk-ups. There are luxury options, too, including penthouses and homes. Whatever your choice, Little Italy is a fantastic place to call home especially if you’re seeking a old-worldly experience smack dab in the middle of New York City.