Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is Manhattan’s hub for higher education. The neighborhood is vibrant yet calm, it’s ideal for the younger crowds but has an old soul.

To label it as you would a “college town” is a disservice to the neighborhood, though, as those living in the area can attest. That said, everything you’d come to expect when living in close proximity to institutions does ring true!

Institutions in the area include:

  • Columbia
  • Manhattan School of Music
  • Barnard College

It’s a neighborhood with its fair share of coffee shops, eateries, bars, pubs, and fun things to do for college-bound folk. Shopping is plentiful, the nightlife is thrilling, and its electrifying atmosphere for thinking is a perfect place to explore one’s theories and interests.

Morningside Heights features Morningside Park, a 30-acre park with incredible scenic beauty and outdoor facilities. The community has gone to great lengths to keep it a welcoming place to call home, one that fits one’s lifestyle and speed.

Living in Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights nudges up against Manhattanville and Harlem. It’s close to the Upper West Side, too, and a stones throw from the Hudson River. This proximity offers ample access to the city’s wonderful markets, events, and local experiences.

Swing through and pick up groceries at the many street vendors. Or, sit out on the patios, sipping a fine drink, and taking in the sights and sounds. The neighborhood is perfect for those that appreciate a nice, hard drink.

You’re also right next to Riverside Park, 330-acres of green beauty!

As for living space, the neighborhood is quite affordable compared to other parts of Manhattan. The residents are mostly in transit, so what you’ll find are plenty of young professionals, students, and creative types making their way through their degrees and moving on. Yet, you’ll find families scattered throughout, which is something to consider if you decide to settle into the area!

Moving to Morningside Heights

Thinking about calling Morningside Heights your home? Great!

The cost of living in the area isn’t too terribly high. In fact, median home prices and rentals are well within affordability when compared to other educational hubs in NYC.

Expect to pay between 2,100 (Studio/1BR) to 5,000+ (4BR+) if you decide to call Morningside Heights home. Work with a local Manhattan real estate professional to get placed in the best rental for you, of course, or do your research here on!