The (tiny) neighborhood of NoLita is sort-of a central hub for downtown Manhattan neighborhoods such as SoHo, NoHo, the Lower East Side, East Village, and of course, Little Italy.

NoLita’s name originates from it being “North of Little Italy”. Though the naming is far from original, the actual neighbor is anything but. NoLita is a neighborhood rich in culture, diversity, and charm. As expected, the community in NoLita is heavily influenced by Italian immigrants.

NoLita was a hot-spot for Italian points of interests, commerce, and community. Today, you’ll find quaint restaurants, shops, bars, pop-ups, lounges, and the like. The streets are vibrant and its community, though on the older side, are quite active, cheerful, and welcoming!

Living in NoLita

NoLita is quite an interesting anomaly in Manhattan.

Despite it being on the lower east side, and not far from downtown areas, it’s held its charm and unique character while seeing cultural shifts throughout its long, interesting history. It has an old world European charm, in some way, but then you realize it’s a huge Australian expat community, too. It has plenty of older community members but it’s also a great place to be a young professional.

Living in NoLita is about the experiences.

From amazing eateries and street food vendors to boutique shops, chic bars, and charming spaces, the vibrant neighborhood is a far departure from looming high rises and go-go-go mentalities.

Moving to NoLita

Getting a place in NoLita is a bit of a challenge. It’s not cheap living in NoLita but it’s also not as shocking as you’d find in other NYC areas. The problem arises from the limited space available in the community.

The neighborhood is quite tiny – 4 blocks to be exact – making your options for apartments and homes quite small. Those already in the area don’t seem to move out often so be ready to pounce when you see listings show availability!

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