SoHo, or “South of Houston Street”, is one of the most iconic areas of lower Manhattan, and perhaps all of New York City! What makes this area such a recognizable location in The Big Apple? From its unique architecture and rich history to its trendy atmosphere and hub of commerce, SoHo is quintessential NYC.

SoHo, NYC started becoming a center of commerce in the 1800s. The industry of choice was garments. This continued well up to the 1960s until it began seeing major transformations along with the rest of the city.

The razing of buildings and its identity struggle shaped it into what we know as SoHo today. It’s a neighborhood that’s both highly trendy for its upscale offerings while wholly unique because of its artistic crowd.

Living in SoHo

What’s the attraction for SoHo? Well, it’s the place to shop, be seen, and rub elbows with hip, trendy individuals. One minute you can find yourself shopping in some of the most unique boutiques and another you can find yourself strolling through art galleries.

The food? Unbelievable. The nightlight? Thrilling!

SoHo isn’t for those who are looking to save a few bucks, though. It’s one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan. That said, justifying the cost of living comes easy when you consider how you’re in the epicenter of lively activity, culture, arts, and commerce.

Need to get away from SoHo’s hustle and bustle? Swing by the West Village or Little Italy. Or, find yourself down in Tribeca or take in sights over by the Hudson River. You’re often 20 – 30 minutes to major hot-spots by car, and a bit quicker by the great transit access!

Moving to SoHo

SoHo is definitely a spot for those in the upper-middle and upper class.

Rents in the area can range from mid $2k to $6k+ for a basic studio apartment. Two bedroom rentals easily double that.

Is SoHo for you? That’ll depend on how center you’d like to be to Manhattan’s art scene and high-end businesses. The cost of living may seem jaw-dropping compared to other areas in Manhattan but who could resist being at such an amazing hub of activity if they can afford it?!

Interested in moving to SoHo, NYC? Be sure to check out rental options as they become available and act quick as locations go quick. Else, connect with a NYC real estate professional to lock in great locations and rates.