Without a doubt, the Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca (‘Triangle Beneath Canal Street) is one of the most sought after, expensive, and trendiest locations in New York City. From its eye-candy architecture to fantastic shops, eateries, cafes, pubs, and the like, Tribeca has a vibe and community like none other you’ll find in the Big Apple.

Tribeca is a dense neighborhood that originally got its start as an industrial area long ago. The neighborhood served a pivotal role in the city’s commerce, becoming one of the largest areas for textiles and wholesale food & distribution. The neighborhood’s aesthetics mimicked a lust for bigger, flashier designs from its local commerce magnates.

By the 80s and 90s, Tribeca became a trending neighborhood for upscale living. The attacks of 9/11 redefined this neighborhood in ways that’s hard to describe in words. With its commerce in shambles, the neighborhood saw a revival in the 00s – forming it into what it is today.

Living in Tribeca, NYC

The vibe in Tribeca is really something else.

To the north, you’ll find SoHo for trendy shopping and outing experiences. On the east, you’ll find Chinatown influencing just about everything around its proximity. And, down south, you’ll find the Financial District where commerce is king. This proximity meshes a bit of everything from these spots, carving out a unique identity for Tribeca’s community.

Tribeca is a fashionable area and happens to be one of the most expensive neighborhoods you’ll find in Manhattan. Because of this, you’ll find A-list celebrities, business leaders, and trendy individuals calling it home.

From its loft apartments and boutique shops to a suburban feel but also sporting chic creativity and appreciation for the arts, Tribeca has quite an electric vibe but also one that’s easy-going.

Rentals in Tribeca, Manhattan

Thinking about moving to Tribeca?

As noted, the area is one of the most expensive in NYC. Despite the high cost of living, you can’t get much better than this neighborhood. Its trendy, chic community mixed with incredible access to NYC’s best destinations makes living here feel like you’re in the center of the universe.

Transit times are quick for most hot-spots. Local schools are top-rated. You’ll find incredible food options and a lot of local offerings.

Get in touch with a Manhattan real estate professional to get an idea of moving to Tribeca. Check out the curated listings here on our site, too, to do your own research when moving to this wonderful neighborhood!