Union Square

Right smack in the middle of Lower and Midtown Manhattan is an epicenter of activity — a central plaza featuring a year-round market, lively events, great vibes, easy transit, and thriving entertainment.

This is… Union Square.

Union Square Park, central to the area’s identity, is 6.5-acres of bustling activity between Union Square West and Union Square East. In total, it’s 3 blocks from East 14th St. to East 17th St.

The park is what ties together Union Square’s neighborhood community, offering everything one could want from an area that’s a perfect place to mingle with friends and enjoy activities.

Living in the Union Square Area

The Union Square area started off as farmland and saw itself as a hub of activity as the city developed. It had been the “entrance” to New York City for many years and later became pivotal to the city’s growth as it functioned as one of its larger office, warehouse, and transportation hubs.

As the city developed so too did Union Square.

Today, the area is a perfect place to get away and unwind from the constant action of the Big Apple. The park is a perfect place to mingle, people watch, enjoy a picnic, take pets for a stroll, and enjoy company. It’s a place that’s lively with arts, great sights, fantastic food, and fun markets.

You’ll find plenty to do in the area with its greenmarkets, chain stores, social events, street chess, and the like.

Moving to Union Square

You’ve got plenty of options if deciding to settle in and around the Union Square area. Your biggest consideration, as expected, is deciding if the huge foot traffic through the area is right for you.

If enjoying public vents, activities, and generally being out and about through your day is vital with where you live then the Union Park neighborhood and area is perfect for you!