Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is quintessential Manhattan, New York City.

UES (Upper East Side) is a neighborhood that’s affluent by design. Since its early days, families of wealth flocked to the area. Many of those who live in the area, today, are part of these lineages. Though, we’re beginning to see a shift as parts of the Upper East Side become more accessible and affordable to newcomers and the like.

The Upper East Side shoulders most of Central Park. The sub-neighborhoods of Yorkville and Lenox Hill are found in UES. These two areas are rather different in lifestyle with Yorkville being easy-going while Lenox Hill offering a more upbeat buzz of activity.

The neighborhood was once home to Andrew Carnegie, among several other industry magnates and influential business folk. The UES is conservative by nature but newer buildings, transit lines, and commerce is giving the old-timey location a much-needed modern makeover.

Living in the Upper East Side

The neighborhood sees its image defined by walk-ups, doorman buildings, mansions, and such. With its higher cost of living in its central areas, locations and activities are reflected as such. Chic stores and 5-star restaurants to luxury boutiques, UES has its share of fine living.

The further south you go the more open the community feels. Housing becomes more affordable, and the culture reflected in its food, activities, and flavor reflects this.

The Upper East Side is where you’ll find The Met, the largest art museum in the US. You’ll also discover the Guggenheim, another thrilling art museum that’s wholly one-of-a-kind.

The streets are lively as you explore all that the neighborhood offers. It’s often called the “New York” of New York. Plus. When you think or see NYC, you can’t help but conjure this amazing location.

East Harlem is to its north and Turtle Bay on its south. To the east is the East River and on its west is Central Park.

Moving to the UES, NYC

The cost of living in and around the area is surprisingly not as drastic as one would imagine considering its history and location. Median rental and home prices are well within budget when looking at the city as a whole, though it still gets expensive (as you could imagine).

The area is great for families, older individuals, and young professionals. Ones’ option between Yorkville for its slower-paced lifestyle and Lenox Hill for something a bit faster offers great opportunities for those settling into the area.

The community is always evolving but you’re bound to make yourself right at home. From great schools and outings to easy transit and prime work opportunities, UES is a fantastic spot to get a foothold on NYC.