Washington Heights

On the north side of Manhattan is the neighborhood of Washington Heights, or what is also known as ‘Little Dominican Republic’. The little neighborhood and community is a fun place to settle in while enjoying the great aspects of opportunities of New York City.

Washington Heights starts at 155 St. and ends around 193rd St.

The neighborhood is ripe for newcomers to NYC or those looking to live affordably as they find their place in the Big Apple. It may not feel as busy and iconic as living downtown but who can pass up such a vibrant, culturally-rich area that won’t put the squeeze on your wallet?

The Washington Heights Experience

This diverse neighborhood offers easy accessibility to the rest of the city, though you’ll have a bit of a trek considering its location on the north side.

Colleges are nearby so expect to see a younger crowd. In fact, Washington Heights is a great location for young professionals. It’s also a great place to raise a family or stopover if traversing the city on vacation.

The area has an abundance of great restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. All the usual amenities are a few steps away, and its gardens are a nice departure so you can get a breather in when needed.

Washington Heights is that perfect balance of mom-and-pop shops right next door to hip, trendy hot spots. Influence from Dominican Republic immigrants can be found throughout the community.

Living to Washington Heights

The neighborhood offers a unique experience for first-timers to New York City. It’s also a great place to settle in while going to college or getting a footing in your career when working in the city.

Rents are affordable and spacious compared to other neighborhoods.

The area is quite safe and welcoming. It’s family-friendly, too.

Finding a good place to rent in the area may become a challenge in the coming years as this neighborhood’s popularity increases. So, be sure to check out all the options when exploring Washington Heights to find the best place and opportunity for you!