West Village

With its vibrant community, lush architecture, cozy streets, and abundance of fine experiences, the Manhattan neighborhood of the West Village is, by far, one of the most amazing places the city offers.

The West Village, like others beholding the ‘Village’ moniker, has its own, unique brand and identity. Though technically part of Greenwich Village, the neighborhood of the West Village is a cozy, charming area of NYC that’s ripe with culture, activities, and fun living.

The West Village saw its rise through innovation and commerce. It was also where many cultural norms were challenged, leading the way for openness and acceptance. The West Village was one of the first with racially integrated night clubs. It was also a pioneering area for LGBTQ+ bars in the city, which supported the gay rights movement.

The West Village is a thrilling experience for all those who call it their neighborhood. It’s cozy atmosphere is like no other part of the city!

The West Village Experience

The vibe of the West Village is rooted in its architecture and aesthetics. It’s a neighborhood that would seem straight out of a European city with its townhouses, tree-lined streets, and little eateries.

The neighborhood offers an an abundance of great places to eat, things to do, events to experience, and people to interact with. Despite its location and popularity, it manages to offer an easy-going, relaxed lifestyle in contrast to the rest of the city’s go-go-go attitude.

To the north is the neighborhood of Chelsea, and on its south is SoHo. On the east, you’ll find Greenwich Village. The Hudson River to the west. Coming to and from the area couldn’t get easier, too, with quick access to transit – often 15 – 20 minutes by car/public transport.

The West Village is the perfect place for those who love the arts. It’s a great place for young professionals, LGBTQ+, families, and the like. With plenty of things to do, West Village has something for everyone!

Moving to West Village

The West Village is quite a desirable location in Manhattan, NYC. So, you can expect its cost of living to be slightly higher than the city’s median.

You will find many 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent. Townhouses are also plentiful if they meet your desires (and budget). The area has many great schools, park spaces, parking options, accessibility, and more.

Interested in moving to the area?

Be sure to check out the curated listings found here on our site. We also encourage you to get in touch with a local real estate expert to navigate the West Village rental listings! West Village, without a doubt, is easily one of the best places to live in New York City.