People’s rights and democratic freedoms are topics that are on the lips of almost everyone in the 21st century. They range from basic fundamental rights like the right to play to more advanced ones like tenant rights. New movements and protests spring up ever so often to ensure the preservation of individual rights. The goal is to live in a comfortable environment and grants you access to what you deserve. Nobody likes knowing another person has infringed their rights for any reason, tenants inclusive. Therefore, landlords have to make life pleasant for their tenants by ensuring they are safe and comfortable. In this article, we’ll discuss Manhattan tenant rights.

Pest Control

Pests and vermins are such a nuisance to tenants. They ruin clothing, destroy documents, worsen tenant’s health conditions, and spread diseases.

Manhattan tenants have a right to live in a vermin and pest-free environment. Landlords have to ensure they do not breach this right. Landlords ought to fix all leaks, cracks and have an excellent way of containing garbage.

They ought to work only with pest control professionals licensed by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation. Their job is to inspect the property, identify where pests and vermins hide and use pesticides that are not poisonous to humans to eradicate the pests. They also have to do regular follow up to see that the vermins have not returned to create new breeding grounds.

Tenant Safety

  • To keep children below six years safe, landlords have to hire professionals to reduce lead-based painting hazards. This rule applies to buildings constructed before 1960 and those that have lead paint.
  • Manhattan tenants have the right to request window guards in writing, after which landlords must install them.
  • Tenants have the right to remove double cylinder locks from apartment entrance doors since they are illegal and unsafe.
  • Tenants have the right to request stove knob holders.
  • Landlords must install smoke detectors in every apartment. Also, they have to install carbon monoxide detectors a few feet away from the main entrance of every bedroom. The carbon monoxide detector must have an alarm that signifies when it is almost out of use. Furthermore, they have to give tenants a manual to let them know how the carbon monoxide detector functions and maintenance.

Tenant Heating

  • Tenants have a right to constant hot water supply all year round. Hence, landlords have to make sure it is always available.
  • Landlords have to provide Manhattan tenants with heat from October to May regardless of what temperature it is outside. However, they are only obliged to do so from 10 pm to 6 am daily.

Additionally, tenants have the right to privacy, and landlords can only enter their apartments with their consent. They also have a right to join or form tenant organizations to protect and promote their rights. Disabled tenants have the right to request modifications that will ease their discomfort. However, this will be at their expense.

Call 311 to report right violations to the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).