New York City is the US’ most populous city. It is famous for its state-of-the-art facilities, excellent infrastructure, diversity, and beautiful neighborhoods. Undoubtedly, this city is a fantastic place for renters. If you’re looking for a rental apartment in NYC, consider the best ones available in the city’s five boroughs.  Here we will discuss the highest rent neighborhood in NYC.

Renting in NYC’s most expensive neighborhoods is definitely an upgrade every affluent individual should consider. Of course, you have to determine the amenities and services you need. This helps you to narrow down the perfect apartments for you.

To make the right call, you should know the most costly NYC neighborhoods for luxury renters. Below are some that you could take into account.

Union Square, Manhattan

The median rent in Union Square is around $4,637, making it ideal for renters looking for houses in the most expensive NYC neighborhoods. There are several posh shopping locations in the area; you’ll have plenty of options whenever you are looking to buy gifts, clothes, foodstuff, or household items. Another alluring thing about Union Square is the year-round greenmarket that gives luxurious apartment renters the chance to sample local farmers’ produce.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg’s median rent is about $3,500. If you crave a somewhat dense suburban feel, this neighborhood is for you. The public schools in the region are some of the top-rated ones in NYC. The fancy restaurants, bars, and coffee shops here are countless. There is also a long list of parks you can visit whenever you need to relax or hold picnics with family and friends. Easy accessibility is another thing that makes Williamsburg convenient for renters. Feel free to use the L train, the East River Ferry Service, Uber or Lyft, and personal cars or bikes for transport to different parts of Brooklyn or within the neighborhood.

Long Island City, Queens

This affluent neighborhood, whose median rent is approximately $3,270, welcomes luxuriant apartment renters all year round. It boasts an ever-developing art community and fascinating nightlife. The neighborhood is also home to magnificent waterfront parks and museums. Hence, you’ll never run out of exciting places to visit while living in your classy rental house.

Additionally, the transport system in Long Island City is pretty impressive. There are eight subway lines, countless bus routes, a few Citi Bike stations, and two NYC Ferry stops.

Riverdale, Bronx

Riverdale (Median rent – $2,295) ranks high with regards to the most expensive and beautiful NYC neighborhoods. It is ideal for renters looking to live a quiet life near NYC’s most urban regions. This attractive quasi-suburban enclave offers scenic jogging trails, elegant eateries, and picturesque parks. Safety is another thing that draws renters to Riverdale. Also, the neighborhood hosts top-notch educational facilities. When you secure an elegant rental apartment in this neighborhood, you’ll also get the chance to view some pretty famous mansions such as Greyston, Stonehurst, and Alderbrook.

As seen above, you have many options when looking for luxury apartments in NYC’s most expensive neighborhoods. Note that the four provided in this article are our top picks as there are numerous luxurious neighborhoods in New York City. It would be best if you took explored the other neighborhoods and widen the scope of your search. This will undoubtedly help you land a fantastic apartment that’s worth your money.